What is CA SB 721?

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Discovering CA SB 721: Your Guide to Safer Construction


What is CA SB 721 and why was it introduced?

California Senate Bill 721, often referred to as CA SB 721, is a crucial piece of legislation enacted to enhance construction safety and minimize the risk of accidents related to elevated outdoor structures like balconies and decks in residential buildings. The bill was introduced in response to a tragic balcony collapse incident in Berkeley in 2015, which resulted in multiple fatalities and injuries. CA SB 721 aims to prevent such occurrences by requiring regular inspections and ensuring the structural integrity of these structures.


Who is affected by CA SB 721?

CA SB 721 impacts various stakeholders in California’s residential building industry. Primarily, it affects property owners, landlords, and property managers who own or oversee residential buildings with balconies and elevated decks. These individuals are responsible for ensuring compliance with the bill’s inspection and maintenance requirements. Additionally, licensed structural engineers and contractors play a significant role in conducting inspections, performing necessary repairs, and helping property owners maintain compliance with CA SB 721.


How often should inspections be performed under CA SB 721?

The frequency of inspections required by CA SB 721 may vary depending on the age and condition of the structure. Generally, buildings with elevated outdoor structures should undergo inspections at least once every few years. However, older or deteriorating structures may require more frequent inspections to ensure their ongoing safety and compliance with the bill’s requirements. A structural engineer or Architect can help determine this for you


Are there any consequences of non-compliance with CA SB 721?

Not fully adhering to CA SB 721 may have certain consequences for property stakeholders. It’s essential to understand that the bill underscores the importance of safety and responsible practices. Non-compliance might involve areas such as fulfilling inspection requirements, addressing structural concerns, or maintaining documentation standards. While specifics may vary, it’s advisable to prioritize CA SB 721’s guidelines to ensure the well-being of all occupants and to align with the bill’s aim of enhancing construction safety in California.


Where can I find more information about CA SB 721?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of California Senate Bill 721 and its intricacies, we enthusiastically encourage you to explore the official California State Legislature website. Moreover, when it comes to ensuring compliance and safety for your construction projects, our expert services are here to empower your journey.

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SB 326 specifically requires that a inspection be conducted by 3rd party professional. This professional needs to be properly licensed and capable of assessing the balconies and walkways.


The Architect or Engineer would provide you a report of each individual areas. This report should specify the exact areas required that may need maintenance and/or repair.


Send us the report and we will promptly schedule a time to visit the site in order to provide you with a quote. This will help guide you in the path towards compliance.

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