What is CA SB 326?

Enhancing Building Safety Regulations in California

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Exploring CA SB 326: Paving the Way for Safer Structures


Why was CA SB 326 Needed

California Senate Bill 326, often called CA SB 326, is an important law aimed at making residential buildings in California safer. It’s a bit like CA SB 721, as it focuses on specific parts of buildings, such as balconies and decks, to make sure they meet strict safety standards. CA SB 326 was introduced because of safety concerns following accidents like the tragic balcony collapse that led to CA SB 721. It’s a proactive response to prevent such accidents by requiring regular inspections and maintenance for these important structural elements.


What are the inspections and who conducts them?

CA SB 326 leaves no room for ambiguity in its stance on structural safety. It mandates comprehensive structural inspections, a concept mirroring CA SB 721’s approach. Property owners are obligated to enlist the services of licensed professionals, like a licensed architect or structural engineer to conduct these assessments, which entail meticulous scrutiny of structural components to identify potential hazards, deterioration, or damage.


How often should inspections be performed under CA SB 326?

The frequency of inspections under CA SB 326 is tailored to the unique characteristics of each building, taking into account its age and condition. Generally, structures are to undergo inspections at least once every few years, although older or more vulnerable buildings may necessitate more frequent evaluations. This approach reflects the principles set forth by CA SB 721.


How does CA SB 326 improve construction safety in California?

CA SB 326 serves as a proactive endeavor to significantly elevate the standard of construction safety across California. It zeroes in on the inspection and maintenance of specific structural elements within residential buildings, notably balconies and decks, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injuries linked to these components. In doing so, CA SB 326 stands as a vital contributor to the broader objective of enhancing construction safety statewide, in harmony with the objectives laid out by CA SB 721.


Where can I find more information about CA SB 326?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of California Senate Bill 326 and its intricacies, we enthusiastically encourage you to explore the official California State Legislature website. Moreover, when it comes to ensuring compliance and safety for your construction projects, our expert services are here to empower your journey.

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What are my next steps?


SB 326 specifically requires that a inspection be conducted by 3rd party professional. This professional needs to be properly licensed and capable of assessing the balconies and walkways.


The Architect or Engineer would provide you a report of each individual areas. This report should specify the exact areas required that may need maintenance and/or repair.


Send us the report and we will promptly schedule a time to visit the site in order to provide you with a quote. This will help guide you in the path towards compliance.

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