Angel City Development

Welcome to Angel City Development, where craftsmanship meets innovation. Founded in 2018, we blend over 15 years of expertise with a relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Specializing in custom kitchen and bathroom renovations, we turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary living experiences.

What We Do

Kitchen Remodeling

Transforming kitchens into stylish, functional living spaces

Bathroom Remodeling

Creating modern, elegant bathrooms with personalized touches

Home & Small Office Remodeling

Enhancing Homes and Small Offices with Comfort and Style




About Angel City Development

In the bustling landscape of construction, Angel City Development made its debut in 2018 as a symbol of quality and advancement. Our founder, with over 15 years of experience in the high-end residential and large scale commercial construction industry, envisioned a company that goes beyond erecting structures. We aimed to build stronger client relationships and elevate the standards of craftsmanship.

Our primary expertise lies in deck waterproofing and repair for community living spaces. We understand the significance of safe and well-maintained living environments for residents. Additionally, we excel in the transformation of kitchens and bathrooms, turning them into cozy residential havens. At Angel City Development, our mission is to provide skillful, customer-centric service, showcasing our commitment to excellence.